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Where did the last week go?

I’ve been a total dead beat about updating my blog lately.  Oops.  The past week has been incredibly busy and I have felt a little under the weather.  I had big plans to write about a book that really stinks (World War Z) and one that is pretty amazing (The Hunger Games), but those will have to wait until next week.  For today’s non sequitur Thursday post, I’m going to post a brief run-down of the highlights from the past seven days.  Why?  Because, well, why not?


My husband and I celebrate Thanksgiving on the down-low.  Not because we’re anti-holiday, America, or family, though.  For one, we’re vegetarian.  And while most people don’t really care if we’re not partaking in the meaty dishes, we find that excluding ourselves from the mix just alleviates some awkwardness.  Plus it’s just nice to stick close to home sometimes.

Last year we started up a little tradition of our own.  We make Indian (not Native American) dishes and feed up something special for the kitties.  Everyone ends the day completely stuffed, content, and delightedly lethargic.

What the cats ate - not the humans.

Zoo Time

Black Friday.  It didn’t bring me out to the mall – after working retail for 6+ years, I’ve had more than enough of the over-zealous crowds hunting for killer bargains.  Additionally, we have been experiencing some unseasonably beautiful weather in Massachusetts, so why would you want to spend it indoors?  So, I did what any 27 year-old woman would do — I packed up my camera and went to the zoo in hopes of seeing the Red Panda babies.  While I didn’t get to the Red Pandas (they were sleeping), I spied loads of baby animals, active big cats, and a family of entertaining gorillas.  And, because it was the day after Thanksgiving, there weren’t too many crowds.


Christmas Tree + Christmas shopping

We picked up our Christmas tree on Friday night.  I have no pictures, but it’s adorable and yet to be decorated.  I’m incredibly happy that I’m not waiting until the last-minute to do everything this year.  I’ve even already begun my Christmas shopping – wow!

Baby Shower in New Jersey

My dear friend is expecting twins.  This past weekend she had her baby shower (in NJ).  I packed myself up into the Scion and drove on down there to celebrate.  As long as I stay away from the George Washington Bridge, it’s a beautiful, wonderful drive.  And, of course, it was incredible to see her and share in her special day!

Adorable AND delicious!

37 MPGs in the Scion

Need I say more?  I love my Scion for many reasons – being able to sometimes squeak 37 MPGs out of it is one of ’em.

Not my ACTUAL car - but.. yes... my Scion.

ITworld.com iPad 2 Accessory Reviews – posted!

I wrote reviews on iPad 2 Accessories.  It is now posted on ITworld.com, which is incredibly exciting for me!  Besides my college newspaper, this blog, and a high school literary “journal”, I have yet to experience my writing published anywhere.  As this is a big life dream of mine, this is amazing for me.

Some really nice iPad 2 Covers

That is a sampling of the awesome from the past week.  Now, shall we resume this blog and its usual literary coverage?  Yes, please.


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NaNoWriMo – What’s the story?

NaNoWriMo http://www.nanowrimo.org/

While I’ve already composed a post about NaNoWriMo in the creative writing portion of my blog, I figured that I’d leverage this “Non Sequitur Thursday” post to touch upon it, as well.  Because, well, why not?

For a girl who has always wanted to be a published writer, it would make sense that I would participate in National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo), right?  Well, in the past, I have only gone so far in the past as to consider it and think about how great of an idea it is, but I have yet to actually participate.  The closest I ever got was deciding that I would do it, telling a handful of people, and then never sitting down and following through.  Not my proudest moment.

This year, however, I am determined to participate.  The target word count for the month is 50,000 words.  With the help of a calculator (because, yes, I am THAT bad at math), I figured that this is about 1,666/7 words per day.  I set a personal goal of at least 1,000 words per day.  So far, three days into November, and I’m at roughly 2,689 words.  This isn’t horrible.  This is relatively close to my personal goal, but I know that I can do better.

Because, apparently, reminding myself that my real goal in life is to publish SOMETHING isn’t enough of a motivator to get me cracking, a friend and I decided to set up a weekly “writing date” in order to get together, check in, and sit together at a location outside of our apartments to write.  Tonight was the first date.  It went very well!  Who would think that writing with a friend in Starbucks would be less distracting than sitting at your desk at home?  Certainly not me, but tonight proved it to me.  So, to help in keeping this story moving, I think that the key is getting away from the apartment.

And, now, hopefully, since I’ve declared my NaNoWriMo participation twice on my blog, I’ll work extra hard so that I don’t look like a total fool come December 1st.  My goal isn’t to completely finish a piece of work by then, but to be close to 50,000 words into a project that, at the end, I can feel proud of.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo?  How do you stay motivated?

If you’re a member on the site – my username is Megan Kate.  I’ll see you there!


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Non Sequitur Thursday: The Amazing Crested Gecko

Two weeks ago, my husband and I attended the New England Reptile Expo in Manchester, NH.  This was my third or fourth time attending and it is an event that I look forward to very much.  AND, due to its success, the layout is now much larger than the first time that I went PLUS it happens more than only twice a year!  I highly recommend checking it out if you have any interest, at all, in reptiles.

I won’t lie.  Before meeting my husband, I wasn’t crazy about reptiles.  They didn’t bother me; I never felt actively adverse to them, but they weren’t creatures that I sought out to love and squeal over.  My appreciation for them has truly blossomed over the past few years and it is all thanks to him.  And while I like looking at snakes and love the two that we share a home with, it is the lizards that really delight me.

We have a Leopard Gecko, Persephone, that we spotted a few years ago.  She stuck out as a truly unique, adorable, and, for lack of a better word, sassy little lady.  We probably paid too little for her, but she was “my” first reptile and I counted myself blessed to snag her.  After a few moves and having to adopt off a few snakes, though, I wasn’t in any rush to bulk up our caravan again, despite totally loving lizards.

This all changed this year, though, when I actually got to hold a Crested Gecko.  There was one table at the Expo for Kati’s Cresteds that I kept gravitating towards.  My infatuation with Kati’s Cresteds began the previous year because I really loved her logo — what is cuter than a Crested Gecko rocketing into outer space?  Not much.  And while I was appreciative of the information that she shared, the fair prices, and the beautiful animals, I wasn’t completely ready to lay down the cash and to disregard my own “rule” of not adding any extra animals into our life before we got into our own house.

But, ah, the memory of holding the Crested Gecko stuck with me.  Their skin is velvet-y to the touch (in my opinion) and their toes act like little suction cups, holding onto the surface they’re standing upon.  So, with this memory fresh in my mind, I began researching Cresteds online.

About three days later, my husband sent me over to Crown Jewel Reptiles to check out the Cresteds for sale.  I liked what I was seeing and debated, for close to a week, which one would be the best for us.  I corresponded with the woman who runs Crown Jewel Reptiles for advice and her input.  I knew, above all else, that I wanted a sweet guy who would like to be held.  Eventually, she recommended one and we sent over payment.

Simon arrived in Boston (from Michigan) this morning:


I wasn’t here to welcome him, but my husband took a few pictures for me:

Simon meets Nate

Check out his "freckle"!

As if the fact that they’re really sweet, totally adorable, and great animal friends to have around weren’t enough reason to love them, here are some amazing factoids that I picked up over the past few weeks:

  • Crested Geckos were believed to be extinct.  These little critters were rediscovered in 1994 on the island of New Caledonia, which is off the east coast of Australia.
  • Their scientific name is Rhacodactylus ciliatus.  Rhacodactylus is of Greek origin and means “spine toes”.  Ciliatus means “fringe” or “eyelash”.
  • They have prehensile tails.  That means that they can do stuff with it.  Adorable.
  • If stressed, they will drop their tail.  Their tail will not grow back like other lizards, however.
  • Their coloring changes throughout the day and throughout their aging – http://www.ciliatus.com/content/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=41&Itemid=194
  • They can live 15-20 years!

So, in short, Crested Geckos are amazing.  If you don’t believe me, then I highly suggest that you go to a local reptile expo and meet one for yourself.  You’re bound to fall in love.  Immediately.


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