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Some Girls: My Life in a Harem by Jillian Lauren

Title:  Some Girls – My Life in a Harem
Author:  Jillian Lauren
Length: 352 pages
Loved It!
This book was one that I’ve been eying for the past few months, but was never “ready” to buy it.  When the local Borders was closing, however, I came across it again – the last copy, misplaced in the remaining Biography books – and snatched it up.  I’m not entirely sure how to describe why I was interested in the book so much, but I suppose that the easiest response could be that the subject matter seemed intriguing.

At the start of the book, I didn’t know if I was going to care too much for the narrator.  I was worried.  It sounded like she had a little bit of an attitude and spoke harshly about her parents with very little context as to where that was coming from.  All I had to do was sit tight and keep reading, though, and the context revealed itself.  The deeper you get into the book, the deeper you get into Lauren’s emotions, fears, and, ultimately, the full force of her strength is revealed.

Reading a book about a woman who chose to work in the sex industry and to live in the harem of Prince Jeffri from Brunei, being treated to very high-end shopping sprees, and an almost limitless access to any “thing” that she wanted, one would think that most girls would have no way to relate.  That, at most, this would be a sensational glimpse into a world that most of us would never know or be in.

Underneath all of these details, however, is where you’re going to find the aspects of Lauren and her life that almost any woman can relate to – insecurity, loneliness, destructive relationships, catty girls, desire, attempting to attain one’s dreams.  I love this book not for the sexy parts, not for the parts that reveal a reality entirely different from anything that I’ll ever know – though, those parts are interesting to read.  I love this book because it forces home the point that you can never judge a book, or especially a person, by the cover.

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