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It’s Thursday – here’s some Ani DiFranco!

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It’s Thursday.  So, this post is obligated to have very little to do with literature.  Because that is the rule that I created when I first started blogging here.  So, in honor of the concert that I’m attending tonight, I am going to share some Ani DiFranco with you.  If you haven’t heard anything by her yet, I suggest that you head over to YouTube, do a search for her, and take your pick.  Any video that you choose to listen to will give you a good introduction to what she’s all about.  What I love most about her is that she’s always 100% herself and there is no one quite like her.

I began listening to her in high school and discovered her thanks to internet.  I was scoping out a lot of feminist message boards and chat rooms (remember those?) in search of music and literature created by strong, intriguing women.  As a result of these searches, I discovered PJ Harvey, Bjork, Tori Amos, and Ani DiFranco.  I could say a lot of good things about the other three women that I just mentioned, but today is all about Ani (and, yeah, I did that thing that women do when talking about other women, no matter if we haven’t met… first name basis).

The first CD that I picked up was Not a Pretty Girl because when I saw that there was a CD by that title, I just had to have it.  My mind was blown – whoa, I’m not a pretty girl either.  I listened to and loved that CD so hard that it became unplayable after a while.  And that was all it took — that one CD.  I was hooked.  Over the years, I’ve acquired a fair number of her releases, but I still don’t think that I’m even close to possessing the entire library of her work.  She’s prolific.  Creative.  Unique.  And powerful.  And tonight I am fortunate enough to experience one of her concerts.

Ten years later and I will finally get the full experience.

For now, please enjoy one of her songs from Not a Pretty Girl.

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