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Le Chat (The Cat) by Charles Baudelaire

Little Ophelia with a skull.



The Cat

Come, my fine cat, against my loving heart;
Sheathe your sharp claws, and settle.
And let my eyes into your pupils dart
Where agate sparks with metal.

Now while my fingertips caress at leisure
Your head and wiry curves,
And that my hand’s elated with the pleasure
Of your electric nerves,

I think about my woman — how her glances
Like yours, dear beast, deep-down
And cold, can cut and wound one as with lances;

Then, too, she has that vagrant
And subtle air of danger that makes fragrant
Her body, lithe and brown.

— Roy Campbell, Poems of Baudelaire (New York: Pantheon Books, 1952)


And in French:

Le Chat

Viens, mon beau chat, sur mon coeur amoureux;
Retiens les griffes de ta patte,
Et laisse-moi plonger dans tes beaux yeux,
Mêlés de métal et d’agate.

Lorsque mes doigts caressent à loisir
Ta tête et ton dos élastique,
Et que ma main s’enivre du plaisir
De palper ton corps électrique,

Je vois ma femme en esprit. Son regard,
Comme le tien, aimable bête
Profond et froid, coupe et fend comme un dard,

Et, des pieds jusques à la tête,
Un air subtil, un dangereux parfum
Nagent autour de son corps brun.

— Charles Baudelaire


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Fun with words Friday! Ennui

ennui: noun

a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom.

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Cat Map – Cats in Libraries

Cats and books (and book lovers!) have always just… gone together.  How many times have you read a book with a cat nestled on your lap? Or your chest? Or, more likely, on the book?  Kitties are the perfect reading companions – most definitely in the winter – and seem to even regularly find themselves in small bookshops and local libraries.

If, like me, you’re fascinated by these cats and love following them around the shop just as much as you enjoy browsing the merchandise, you might like to know WHERE you can find these cats.  Iron Frog Productions has a website dedicated entirely to showing you where these cats are (and have been historically) around the world in their Library Cats Map!

The map is easy to browse by country and state (for those of us here in the US).  Check it out and see if there are any near you!

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Cute Christmas cat photo



That is all.



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Cat poems by T.S. Eliot

I love cats.  This has been established.  When I saw that T.S. Eliot had a book of poetry entirely dedicated to cats (with Edward Gorey images to boot), I lost my little mind.  So, here are some cat poems by T.S. Eliot to enjoy on a beautiful Sunday!

The Naming of Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.
First of all, there’s the name that the family use daily,
Such as Peter, Augustus, Alonzo or James,
Such as Victor or Jonathan, George or Bill Bailey–
All of them sensible everyday names.
There are fancier names if you think they sound sweeter,
Some for the gentlemen, some for the dames:
Such as Plato, Admetus, Electra, Demeter–
But all of them sensible everyday names.
But I tell you, a cat needs a name that’s particular,
A name that’s peculiar, and more dignified,
Else how can he keep up his tail perpendicular,
Or spread out his whiskers, or cherish his pride?
Of names of this kind, I can give you a quorum,
Such as Munkustrap, Quaxo, or Coricopat,
Such as Bombalurina, or else Jellylorum-
Names that never belong to more than one cat.
But above and beyond there’s still one name left over,
And that is the name that you never will guess;
The name that no human research can discover–
But THE CAT HIMSELF KNOWS, and will never confess.
When you notice a cat in profound meditation,
The reason, I tell you, is always the same:
His mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation
Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name:
His ineffable effable
Deep and inscrutable singular Name.

The Old Gumbie Cat

I have a Gumbie Cat in mind, her name is Jennyanydots;
Her coat is of the tabby kind, with tiger stripes and leopard spots.
All day she sits upon the stair or on the steps or on the mat;
She sits and sits and sits and sits–and that’s what makes a Gumbie Cat!

But when the day’s hustle and bustle is done,
Then the Gumbie Cat’s work is but hardly begun.
And when all the family’s in bed and asleep,
She tucks up her skirts to the basement to creep.
She is deeply concerned with the ways of the mice
Their behaviour’s not good and their manners not nice;
So when she has got them lined up on the matting,
She teachs them music, crocheting and tatting.

I have a Gumbie Cat in mind, her name is Jennyanydots;
Her equal would be hard to find, she likes the warm and sunny spots.
All day she sits beside the hearth or on the bed or on my hat:
She sits and sits and sits and sits–and that’s what makes a Gumbie Cat!

But when the day’s hustle and bustle is done,
Then the Gumbie Cat’s work is but hardly begun.
As she finds that the mice will not ever keep quiet,
She is sure it is due to irregular diet;
And believing that nothing is done without trying,
She sets right to work with her baking and frying.
She makes them a mouse–cake of bread and dried peas,
And a beautiful fry of lean bacon and cheese.

I have a Gumbie Cat in mind, her name is Jennyanydots;
The curtain-cord she likes to wind, and tie it into sailor-knots.
She sits upon the window-sill, or anything that’s smooth and flat:
She sits and sits and sits and sits–and that’s what makes a Gumbie Cat!

But when the day’s hustle and bustle is done,
Then the Gumbie Cat’s work is but hardly begun.
She thinks that the cockroaches just need employment
To prevent them from idle and wanton destroyment.
So she’s formed, from that lot of disorderly louts,
A troop of well-disciplined helpful boy-scouts,
With a purpose in life and a good deed to do
And she’s even created a Beetles’ Tattoo.

So for Old Gumbie Cats let us now give three cheers
On whom well-ordered households depend, it appears.

And, finally, Macavity: The Mystery Cat – this isn’t read BY T.S. Eliot, but it’s highly entertaining:

Buy Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats on Amazon.


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KittyCassandra’s Cat Paintings

I mentioned that I love cats, correct?  I believe that I have, but, just in case… I really love cats.  With this in mind, you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered that there is a woman who paints adorable, wonderful pictures of cats that truly capture their individual personalities.  I first became aware of her – Cassie Graus aka KittyCassandra – thanks to Cats 101 on Animal Planet.  Yes, I watch cat shows.  I told you…. I really love cats.

So, my KittyCassandra exposure started all thanks to this Cats 101 episode appearance:

And then I quickly tracked down her fan page on Facebook and giggling, squealing, and downright delighting over all of her pictures.  The most amazing aspect of her paintings, in my opinion, is how each painting is unique to a specific cat’s personality.  So, naturally, my favorite game for a while was how would I want each of our cats portrayed in a KittyCassandra painting?  Some of my ideas included Dex the Romantigoth, Dex as a pirate, something with Lilu involving copious amount of food, sleeping, and/or water, and, the idea that actually came to fruition…. Ophelia, my little Caramel Sundae Cat:

According to Nate, who commissioned this piece as a birthday present for me, she was very excited about the idea and she was very wonderful to work with.  The end result, as you can see, is everything that my little heart could want in a painting of Ophelia.

KittyCassandra provides the world with something that it needs more of – cuteness, hilarity, and paintings brimming with joy.  So, please visit any of the links below and enjoy!

KittyCassandra’s Cat Paintings Website
KittyCassandra’s Facebook Page

KittyCassandra’s ShanaLogic.com Store

AND she has a book, Templeton & Caruthers and the Snack Finding Mission!  You can find a copy on Amazon.

Kitties + Snacks = CUTE!


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