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Steps by Jerzy Kosinski

Title:  Steps
Author:  Jerzy Kosinski
Length:  148 pages
One of my favorites!

I read Steps by Jerzy Kosinki in one of my college courses and it immediately became one of my favorites.  I didn’t keep every single book and novel that I purchased for school, but this was, without a doubt, one of the books that I knew that I would keep.

This book features a series of vignettes (which I always, always love reading); each vignette is a little disturbing and, possibly, a little alienating.  The stories aren’t necessarily connected nor is the narrator necessarily the same, but it doesn’t matter, because the cohesion lies in the brutality of humanity and society.

I am forever grateful that Professor Puchalsky required that we not only read this book, but that we understand it, as well.

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