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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Title:  The Glass Castle
Author:  Jeannette Walls
Length:  288 pages
Another amazing Memoir!

So, I apparently was on a memoir kick for a few weeks there.  It started with Running with Scissors and then continued with Some Girls.  Last week, I wrapped it up (for now…) with The Glass Castle by Jeannette. Walls.  This is yet another book that I’ve seen around and recommended for years, but, for one reason or another, I never bothered to take a closer look at what the book was actually about.  Thanks to Bookmarks Magazine, however, I took the opportunity to read a short blurb about the Walls family.

The appeal of reading about an eccentric, nomadic, and highly dysfunctional family caught my interest right away.  The Walls parents both struggle with their own ideals, addictions, and caring for their family.  At many times throughout the nearly 300 pages, the point that the children were more adult and put together than the parents is really driven home.  Regardless of everything that happens, however, a love permeates, and a hope in tomorrow stays strong.

The Glass Castle is another good read if you want to laugh, cry, and feel outraged all within the same chapter.

Check it out on Amazon.

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