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What do you read on vacation?

Tomorrow morning my husband and I hop on a VERY early (5:45 AM!) flight out to the west coast.  We’re not going to hit up any beaches, though, as our preference lies with exploring the desert…

The beauty of Death Valley

But, regardless of the wonderful sights and adventures that we’ll be enjoying, one of the most important parts of any and all vacations is, quite simply, what to read!  Like with most trips, I planned this one out.  I set myself up to be right in the middle of Jean Plaidy’s Katharine of Aragon trilogy.  I want my Tudors fix and I don’t want to run out of pages before I return home to the full expanse of my ever-growing bookshelves.

Over the weekend I finished the first (and shortest) of the three – Katharine the Virgin Widow and am starting in on The Shadow of the Pomegranate.  So far, I’m totally loving this series.  I will admit, that it took a little extra effort to get myself into the rhythm of Plaidy’s writing, but I feel like I’m genuinely learning some history, feeling entertained, and nurturing a growing appreciation of Queen Katharine.

To leap into these stories almost immediately after The Other Bolelyn Girl was a little bit of a minor shock (especially since I thoroughly enjoyed Gregory’s writing style and the voice that she created for Mary Bolelyn), but I’m beyond happy that I worked my way through the “slower” parts of Katharine the Virgin Widow and am moving further along in the book.  Things start to get really interesting after the marriage finally takes place.

Luckily for me, and for all fans of Plaidy’s writing, she’s an enormously prolific writer, so I still have a plethora of options to move onto next!  In the meantime, however, I’ll enjoy having the characters from this era of the Tudor court accompany me on our trip out to Death Valley.

What book(s) do you bring with you on vacation?  Do you plan them ahead of time or do you just take along with you whatever you’re currently working on?  I’d love to hear!


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