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Hello world!

The point of this blog is for me to explore my two passions – reading and writing.  As a child and teenager, I indulged in both excessively.  Unfortunately, becoming an adult and having to dedicate the majority of my waking hours to work and cleaning house has impeded upon the amount of time that I have to dedicate to these activities.

With the help of a good friend’s influence (she reads non-stop), countless promises to myself, and, I am dedicated to attempting to reconnect with my lifelong passions in some way — and what better way than through a blog?  And here’s where I get to the point of this blog…

I hope to write here about books that I’m reading, books that I’ve read, authors that I enjoy, and maybe even explore some of my own writing from time to time.  Additionally, I’d like to explore words, grammar, and all of that geekery.  I’ve only ever maintained blogs on LiveJournal and Blogspot, so here’s to hoping that my attempt at maintaining one on WordPress isn’t a total failure.

As is the custom with my virtual introductions, here are a list of favorites as they pertain to all things literary:

Favorite Authors:  Sylvia Plath, Joyce Carol Oates, Charles Bukowski
Favorite Poets:  Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Ted Hughes
Favorite Genre:  Confessionalist
Favorite Novels:  The Bell Jar – Plath, Lolita – Nabokov, Wuthering Heights – Bronte, Beasts – Oates
Author that I’m most excited to check out:  Tess Gerritsen
Favorite Word:  Eccentricities
Favorite Form of Punctuation:  Semi-colons!  And here’s to hoping that I don’t ever use one improperly. 🙂

I prefer reading actual books, favoring the feel and smell of the pages, the weight of the novel in my hands, but I do own a Kindle that I’m very happy with.  I told myself that picking up an eReader would, ultimately, be the responsible thing to do, being that it would benefit the environment and all.  Regardless, I still have a nasty (?) habit of picking up books at bookstores once every few weeks.

Now, let’s see where this takes me!

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