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Book Tours: Chuck Palahniuk

For as much as I love to read, I really haven’t attended too many public readings/signings.  I can probably count the authors that I’ve met on one hand – John Lithgow (yes, he’s a published author, as well), Joyce Carol Oates, David Gessner, John Hodgen (though, he was also my poetry professor, so I saw him multiple times each week for an entire semester), and Tori Amos (if you really want to count her as one).

Out of this list, I was most excited to meet Oates, fortunate enough to share dinner with Gessner and to be taught by Hodgen, and successfully made an ass of myself in front of both Amos and Lithgow.  The one sentiment that wove through all of these experiences, however, was – this is fun!

And this is why I’m considering attending the Portsmouth, NH date on the Damned Tour for Chuck Palahniuk.  I won’t claim to be a super fan, but I’ve read multiple titles by Palahniuk and, at one point, listed him among my favorite authors.  Additionally, as my above list should indicate, not too many writers come through New England.  It seems as though they make it as far as New York City and that’s that.

So, if you’d like to see a real, live author in the flesh and hear him read and talk about his art, here is the information:

The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH: 
All dates from Palahniuk’s site:









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