Author Spotlight: Philippa Gregory

While I have (so far) only read one novel by her (The Other Boleyn Girl), I’m fascinated by anyone who successfully writes engaging, and even relatively believable, historical fiction.  In an effort to familiarize myself more with her work and background, I would like to focus on Philippa Gregory for this week’s author spotlight.


Philippa Gregory was born, and spent the first two years of her life, in Kenya.  She received a BA in History at the University of Sussex and went on to receive a PhD. in 18th century literature at the University of Edinburgh.  In addition to writing novels, she contributes to newspapers and magazines.  Additionally, she has taught at the University of Durham, University of Teesside, the Open University, and she was made a fellow at Kingston University.

She has written many books, mostly all historical fiction (listed below), and contests that her novels are completely historically accurate, but there has been controversy surrounding this claim.  Historically accurate or not, her novels are well-written and well-loved.

Gregory also does charity work – Gardens for Gambia.  Formed in 1993, the aim of Gardens for Gambia is to provide water for wells located at rural schools in Gambia.  This water helps the schools maintain gardens, which produce vegetables for the schoolchildren to eat and the surplus is sold to raise money for school equipment.  The link brings you to the information provided on Gregory’s official website.

She lives in Yorkshire with her family where she keeps horses and ducks.


Wideacre Trilogy

  1. Wideacre (1987)
  2. The Favoured Child (1989)
  3. Meridon (1990)

Earthly Joys

  1. Earthly Joys (1998)
  2. Virgin Earth (1999)

Tudor Novels – in historical chronological order

  1. The Constant Princess (2005)
  2. The Other Boleyn Girl (2001)
  3. The Boleyn Inheritance (2006)
  4. The Queen’s Fool (2003)
  5. The Virgin’s Lover (2004)
  6. The Other Queen (2008)

The Cousins’ War

  1. The White Queen (2009)
  2. The Red Queen (2010)
  3. The Lady of the Rivers (2011)

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