Have you loved your local public library recently?

Despite the fact that I’ve always wanted to be a librarian, I’ve never been a big fan of borrowing books from one.  How come?  For one, I really enjoy owning my books and always having them there on the shelf, knowing that I can revisit them at any time that I so desire.  Also, it always seems that all of the books that I want from the library have been borrowed 10,000 times by the dirtiest, least book loving people imaginable.  Between the torn pages, penciled in notes, and miscellaneous stains, I’m typically left vigorously rubbing hand sanitizer into my palms every five minutes.

HOWEVER, I am always trying to change my ways and grow as a person, so when a co-worker asked me to check out a local-to-the-office library that she likes, I was incredibly excited to do so.  We visited The McAuliffe Branch of the Framingham Public Library, which is much smaller than the main branch (which, I will admit, I have yet to visit), but is absolutely wonderful inside!  They have a good selection of books right there (you can also order books from any library in the Minuteman Network or borrow electronic versions to your Kindle) and all of the books that I looked at are – gasp – CLEAN!

I didn’t waste any time in getting my hands on a card of my own either.  As soon as I got back to the office, I hopped online and put my name in on the list for The Buddha in the Attic and look forward to the call and/or e-mail notifying me that it’s in.

In short, I urge everyone to check out some library close to their home.  Libraries seem to be doing a lot to get on board with the trend towards digital reading and, really, our communities need libraries to stay.

Do you have a favorite nearby library that you frequent?


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3 responses to “Have you loved your local public library recently?

  1. beckyday6

    HA! Your pararaph at the start is so true! I’ve never come across a Library with CLEAN books, thats amazing! 🙂

  2. Al Morali

    I have an outstanding balance at mine =(

  3. I work at a public library, which is actually the largest circulating library in the Southeast. I absolutely love it; it is the best place for a book lover to work, surrounded by books all day long. At any given time I have multiple books checked out.

    But I completely understand about not clean books. I hate dealing with returned books that are sticky or have papers and stuff stuck in them. It’s rather annoying.

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