The holidays are coming! A few neat-o gifts for book lovers.

Rudolph & Clarice are TOTALLY the cutest holiday couple.

The holidays are fast approaching.  And even though I started my shopping and planning “early” (read as: not waiting until Christmas Eve to get it all done), I still feel the time quickly slipping away.  It’s crunch time.  This means that I’ve spent a good chunk of every night this week BAKING.  Yes, I’ve decided that, in an effort to not go broke this year, I’m going to give out nifty little cookie tins.

I know that this isn’t an exceptionally unique idea.  I know that it could be risky – what if my cookies are tasteless and hard and horrible?  But – I’m putting a lot of love into them!  So, hopefully people like them.

In addition to cookies, I’ve been trying to direct most of my shopping efforts to vendors on sites like Etsy.  I’ve found some very neat and unique gifts for people.  And, in the process, found some other really neat-o bookish gifts that I wanted to share on here today.  But only a few!  Those M&M cookies won’t concoct and bake themselves…

If you have spent five minutes on my blog, you hopefully noticed that I adore Sylvia Plath.  If you have yet to notice this, then I’m doing something terribly wrong.  Regardless, doing a search on Etsy simply with the keywords “Sylvia Plath” pulls up some fairly interesting items.  Personally, as a fan of her work, I don’t think that I’d want a painting of “her” with her head in the oven for my walls.  BUT that’s just me.

Luckily, though, there are some really beautiful and unique items out there, as well.  Pictured above is a charm on a chain necklace (with lobster claw clasp) featuring a short, but very memorable, line from one of Plath’s poems, Metaphors.  Not a fan of Plath?  Worry not, for the seller’s store ( carries other author’s quotes, as well – everything from Dr. Suess to Nabokov.

It’s a book!  It’s a bag!  Wait – what?  This is a handbag made out of a recycled vintage version of Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen.  Each order is custom-made when it’s placed, so you know that you’re receiving a truly unique and one-of-a-kind gift.  Browse the store, A Spoonful of Chocolate, and see what other titles are available and you’ll be able to make sure that EVERYONE knows which book if your favorite.

And, no worries, no books are truly, completely, harmed in the making of these bags.  See the seller’s note from the store:

**Please Note*** No pages are harmed during the purse making process.. I take gently used books and only use the covers, the pages are still fully in-tact and you are still able to read the book. I then take the sleeve and wrap it back on to the fully in-tact book and donate it to a Refugee Center here in Arizona. 
However, if you would like for me to re-bind the pages and make a new matching cover for the book, please let me know it would be an additional $15. You can view an example of the re-bound book cover here:


What could be a more appropriate gift than a Christmas Tree ornament?  Well, how about a Christmas Tree ornament chock full o’quotes and lines from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol!  If I were to get one of these, though, I’d be constantly rolling it around in my hands attempting to read the entire story.  The seller has ornaments featuring other literary works, as well, including Jane Austen and Emily Bronte.

I even love the name of the store – Excessively Diverting.  Check it out!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a cuddly cat in the house to keep them warm while reading – or, possibly better stated, climbing all over your book in order to steer your attention to where it should always, always be – them.  But, no worries!  This adorable little BOOK WORM will do the trick!  And you don’t even need to worry about food and vet bills.  This little guy solely lives off your love of reading and having books around.

Visit Flaky Friends to place your order.  Your lil’ guy will be totally unique and made JUST for you!

Where do you like to do your holiday shopping?  Have you come across any really unique items that, let’s be honest here, you really want to buy for yourself?


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2 responses to “The holidays are coming! A few neat-o gifts for book lovers.

  1. I love the bookworm, I’ll order one! 🙂

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