Where did the last week go?

I’ve been a total dead beat about updating my blog lately.  Oops.  The past week has been incredibly busy and I have felt a little under the weather.  I had big plans to write about a book that really stinks (World War Z) and one that is pretty amazing (The Hunger Games), but those will have to wait until next week.  For today’s non sequitur Thursday post, I’m going to post a brief run-down of the highlights from the past seven days.  Why?  Because, well, why not?


My husband and I celebrate Thanksgiving on the down-low.  Not because we’re anti-holiday, America, or family, though.  For one, we’re vegetarian.  And while most people don’t really care if we’re not partaking in the meaty dishes, we find that excluding ourselves from the mix just alleviates some awkwardness.  Plus it’s just nice to stick close to home sometimes.

Last year we started up a little tradition of our own.  We make Indian (not Native American) dishes and feed up something special for the kitties.  Everyone ends the day completely stuffed, content, and delightedly lethargic.

What the cats ate - not the humans.

Zoo Time

Black Friday.  It didn’t bring me out to the mall – after working retail for 6+ years, I’ve had more than enough of the over-zealous crowds hunting for killer bargains.  Additionally, we have been experiencing some unseasonably beautiful weather in Massachusetts, so why would you want to spend it indoors?  So, I did what any 27 year-old woman would do — I packed up my camera and went to the zoo in hopes of seeing the Red Panda babies.  While I didn’t get to the Red Pandas (they were sleeping), I spied loads of baby animals, active big cats, and a family of entertaining gorillas.  And, because it was the day after Thanksgiving, there weren’t too many crowds.


Christmas Tree + Christmas shopping

We picked up our Christmas tree on Friday night.  I have no pictures, but it’s adorable and yet to be decorated.  I’m incredibly happy that I’m not waiting until the last-minute to do everything this year.  I’ve even already begun my Christmas shopping – wow!

Baby Shower in New Jersey

My dear friend is expecting twins.  This past weekend she had her baby shower (in NJ).  I packed myself up into the Scion and drove on down there to celebrate.  As long as I stay away from the George Washington Bridge, it’s a beautiful, wonderful drive.  And, of course, it was incredible to see her and share in her special day!

Adorable AND delicious!

37 MPGs in the Scion

Need I say more?  I love my Scion for many reasons – being able to sometimes squeak 37 MPGs out of it is one of ’em.

Not my ACTUAL car - but.. yes... my Scion.

ITworld.com iPad 2 Accessory Reviews – posted!

I wrote reviews on iPad 2 Accessories.  It is now posted on ITworld.com, which is incredibly exciting for me!  Besides my college newspaper, this blog, and a high school literary “journal”, I have yet to experience my writing published anywhere.  As this is a big life dream of mine, this is amazing for me.

Some really nice iPad 2 Covers

That is a sampling of the awesome from the past week.  Now, shall we resume this blog and its usual literary coverage?  Yes, please.


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2 responses to “Where did the last week go?

  1. Brad

    World War Z stinks? I need that post right now! I love that book so much; I have read it three times and love the format of it.

    I am also a hunger games fan. Have you made it through the series or just the first one? I have mixed emotions about the second and real issues with the third.

    • I will write about my World War Z experience soon. 🙂 The format was pretty good. I just kept getting bored with the interviews with the political leaders and/or military.

      I’ve wrapped up book one of The Hunger Games and am 100 pages into the 2nd book. My co-worker made similar comments on the three books — loved the first and not too crazy about the last two. So, we shall see how it goes!

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