Quotable Monday: You’re a miracle

Today’s quote is from the film, Little Children, which is based on a novel (of the same title) by Tom Perrotta.  I read the book a little over a year ago, so I cannot recall if this quote actually appears in the book.  But I was re-watching the movie this past weekend and it really stuck out to me.  Therefore, I am judging that a quote from a film based off a book is close enough to get some air time in my blog.  I hope that you enjoy!

You’re a miracle, Ronnie. We’re all miracles. Know why? Because as humans, every day we go about our business, and all that time we know… we all know… that the things we love… the people we love, at any time now can all be taken away. We live knowing that and we keep going anyway. Animals don’t do that.

Check out the book on Amazon.

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