Smashed: Story of a Drunked Girlhood by Koren Zailckas


Title:  Smashed:  Story of a Drunken Girlhood
Author:  Koren Zailckas
Length:  368 pages
Loved it — again!  I need to start hating books

When this book first came out, I was employed at the bookstore, studying English Literature and Writing at school, and yearned to, one day, have something, anything published myself.  I, also, at that point, had never tasted more than a drop of alcohol.  I resented the fact that this local girl was making headlines and praise for writing about her own transgressions with alcohol.  I was a “good girl” and, idiotically, felt both mentally and creatively penalized for this.

Fast forward to a few years out of college – I went through a year (at least) of reckless behavior and guzzling copious amounts of alcohol.  Finally, I got it.  A friend recommended this memoir to me and actually let me borrow her copy, already loved with passages underlined — well, borrow might now be the right word…  I still have it on my shelf.  I don’t believe that I read it right away, but I do know that I devoured the pages during the two weeks that pneumonia had knocked me down for the count.

Immediately, I loved the narrator.  While our stories and experiences were very different, I could see me woven throughout the lines.  She voiced similar struggles, fears, and frustrations.   And, finally, as cliché as it may sound – I didn’t feel so alone.

This memoir isn’t only an excellent read for people who have suffered one too many nights intoxicated either.  If you have ever felt that you exist only on the fringe, struggled with friends/family/school/yourself.  Or, honestly, even if you haven’t.  If you’ve never experienced any of the aforementioned blights, Smashed is an excellent literary companion to get a glimpse into what other people live through.
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