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The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen

Title:  The Sinner (Rizzoli & Isles #3)
Author:  Tess Gerritsen
Length:  355 Pages
Rating:  Loved it!

Years ago, while working at Waldenbooks, The Sinner is the Tess Gerritsen book that made me so interested in checking out her work.  I continually came across this title while cleaning up the store, working on displays, or just wandering around during slow periods.

So, why was this book so alluring to me?

  1. The cover.  I loved the cover – the color, the design, and the title.  It sucked me in and possibly intrigued me so much because I attended Catholic high school and college.  Yes, real deal, legit Catholic school where I took classes taught by nuns.
  2. The premise.  While I am not enthusiastic about murders and religious figures being brutally murdered, for me, this type of tale was on par with exorcism movies.  A little disturbing, a little frightening, and full of thrilling twists and turns.  Well, I was assuming that last part there since I hadn’t actually read the book yet.
  3. The main characters.  I love stories, both fictional and non, that feature women totally owning.  Knowing that Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles are the best of the best in their field has always been a big draw to the stories for me.

And now I can finally say that I have read this book!  In The Sinner, the reader gets a closer look at the Maura Isles character (who seems very different from the character on the television show) and gets to see an entirely new side of Rizzoli.  On top of this, the story does, in fact, twist and turn, leading the reader down a variety of possibilities for what happened, the who, and the why.  And, as always, Gerritsen succeeds in totally surprising the reader at the end, because, as in the other books, the reality is never quite what you would ever guess it to be.  Or at least not what I ever guess it to be.

Like the other two books, I completely loved the third installment in this series.  I continue to remain excited for the future books and the opportunity to know these characters even better.

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