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Fun with words Friday! Fey

Fey was a dictionary.com word of the day this week (I have the App on my iPod and it’s awesome!).  As we already established earlier this week, I used to be quite fond of fairies, so I only knew of fey as being another word for fairies.  Well, apparently, it means much more than that…

fey – adjective

  1. British Dialect . doomed; fated to die.
  2. Chiefly Scot. appearing to be under a spell; marked by an apprehension of death, calamity, or evil.
  3. supernatural; unreal; enchanted: elves, fairies, and other fey creatures.
  4. being in unnaturally high spirits, as were formerly thought to precede death.
  5. whimsical; strange; otherworldly: a strange child with a mysterious smile and a fey manner.

Photo Source:  Roger Griffith, English: Fairfield cemetery garden gates, Monkton, Ayrshire, Scotland.


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