Non Sequitur Thursday: Canadian Geese

Today’s post that has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in my blog is quite simply to share some love for our beloved Geese friends who hail from Canada.  I don’t know about you, but they absolutely delight me.  I look forward to seeing them every spring.  I look forward to the first sights of their fuzzy little babies waddling around and hearing their wonderful honking calls as they fly, and land, coasting onto water, in formation.

What I delight in the most, however, is the fact that whenever you see a group of Geese hanging around somewhere, there is always one standing perfectly erect, utilizing all of its concentration to protect the others while they feast on some delicious grass.  I deem these brave avian soldiers as the group’s Guardian Goose.  Apparently, I’m not quite as clever as I’d like to think, though, because if you do a Google image search for “Guardian Goose”, you will find many examples of exactly what I’m speaking about.

So, we are now at the time of year where the Geese will be heading out of here to warmer temperatures, and I sadly bid them farewell.  I look forward to their return and to every future instance where I am allowed to clap and smile at other Guardian Geese.

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