Onto the next one… Skipping books that aren’t gripping

Obviously, I love to read.  It is, hands down, my favorite pastime and has been for, well, since I first learned how to read. I usually know within the first 100 pages of a book whether or not I’m going to enjoy it.  Typically, the first 100 pages elicit one of two responses in me:

  1. I love it, can’t put it down, and spend every second that I’m NOT reading, looking forward to the moment when I will be reading once more.
  2. Instant lethargy.  It’s a struggle to get through a single sentence, my mind wanders in the middle of a paragraph, and I’m constantly stuck on the fact that these characters are boring.

I’m always open to trying new authors, new genres, and following through on (most) recommendations.  However, once I pick up and start a novel, any novel, I don’t always feel compelled to finish.  So, I suppose, in some regards, I’m a “quitter”.  There is a part of me that wishes that I possessed the willpower to complete each and every book that I picked up.  But, sometimes, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

In a life where there are so many things that one “has” to do, why should finishing a lackluster book have to be one of them?  The longer that I try to force myself through a dull (to me) book, the slower I read and the less desire that I have to read at all.  Also, after forcing myself through so many books during high school (I’m looking at you, Scarlet Letter), as an out-of-school adult, I revel in the freedom to read what I want, when I want, and to whatever level of completion that tickles my fancy.  Many times I intend to return to the book in a few months or years, thinking that maybe some maturity will make me appreciate the book more.  It rarely ever does, however.

So, how about you – are you a “quitter” or do you power through?

In celebration of my “onto the next one” mentality, here’s a Jay-Z song  that goes through my head every time I place a half-finished book back on the shelf.



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3 responses to “Onto the next one… Skipping books that aren’t gripping

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