Cats, the perfect reading companions

This week’s non sequitur Thursday post isn’t as off-topic as last weeks, but I definitely needed to set aside some time right now to proclaim my undying love for all things feline.  If my Puss in Boots entry didn’t make it clear that I have the fever for kitties, hopefully I will leave no doubt in your mind after today.

If you asked a five year-old Megan what her favorite animal was, she would, without hesitation, tell you that she loves cats.  Growing up, we always had pets.  My parents were more into dogs than cats, but we had an outdoor cat when I was really young and our neighbors had cats that kept churning out little babies every few months.  So, I was always surrounded by cats.  And I loved it.

Their presence meant so much to me that when our black cat, who I named Elvis (though, I didn’t know how to spell Elvis, so he was.. Alvis), scratched me, I didn’t cry because the scratch hurt, but because I was convinced that he hated me.  To suffer being the recipient of a cat’s disdain was too much for me to bear.  After a lot of consolation from my mother, however, I resigned myself to the fact that I was just a little confused.  I was young, after all.

Fast forward to the present.  My husband and I have three cats – Dex, Lilu, and Ophelia.  Dex and Lilu belonged to my husband long before we met and little Ophelia was my first pet as an adult after moving out of my parents house.

AN ASIDE:  YES, I always choose pretentious names for my pets.  More examples – I have named another kitten Hamlet, a rabbit Laertes, and a leopard gecko Persephone.  I apparently have a lot to prove.

Out of these three cats, Lilu is the best reading companion.  Why?  Well, she’s chubby, warm, and lazy.  There’s nothing she loves more than having her humans plop down on the couch.  In the summer, it can get a little uncomfortable, but the winter?  That’s an entirely different story.  As a little chub-monster, she generates quite a bit of heat and is drawn to soft, fuzzy blankets.  Some of my fondest memories from last winter are of me on the couch, under a blanket, Lilu sprawled across my lap while I read Native Son.  What better way is there to spend a weekend?  I can’t think of any.

In celebration of little Lilu and her love of cuddles, feast your eyes upon her cuteness:

Lilu and her teddy bear

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