The Reader – The Movie

It’s not news that many books are eventually made into films or television shows.  It seems to be a rarity, however, for a viewer who has read the book to also enjoy the movie.  At least as much as they enjoyed the book, if they enjoyed the book.  I rarely have this issue myself and I seem to just enjoy a distraction, but some films just really excel at being amazing pieces of art in and of themselves, only adding another layer of awesome to the novel.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, pretty much any film starring Kate Winslet that is based off a novel automatically tends to mean that I’ll love the book.  What I failed to mention, and maybe I don’t even have to, is that I automatically love the film, as well.  What can I say – I’m a Kate Winslet fan.  One example of a film (and novel) that I loved is The Reader.

I watched the film first and discovered, later on, that there was a book. I watched the film when I was home alone one night and it reduced me to tears.  It probably shouldn’t have, given that one of the characters is an ex-Nazi (and that is the character that you tend to feel sorry for), but, alas, it did.  And instead of my attempting to summarize the plot – since I’ve probably already given away too much detail for anything to be a surprise if you want to read it – view the below trailer from YouTube:


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